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Keith hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska

Keith Wilds hunting Kodiak IslandI've had the privilege of seeing Alaska many times and have a true passion for the beauty and untamed wilderness found there. Kodiak Island is as wild as it gets. I hunted Sitka blacktail deer and sea ducks there with success out of Larsen Bay, after a bush plane ride that landed on a gravel runway.  Unforgettable!

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Keith's Latest Hunt

North American Deer Slam

I went to Arizona in October, 2011 on a quest to complete the North American Deer Grand Slam. After miles of physically demanding conditions, steep and rocky terrain and cactus in my legs, on the third day of the hunt I was able to make a 393 yard shot on a respectable animal for the species.  The Coues deer, or Coues desert whitetail was the last deer I needed for the Grand Slam!


First Competition Entered

June, 2013 Alabama Taxidermists Association
1st Place Professional Division.
August, 2013 Kentucky Taxidermists Association
1st Place Professional Division.
1st Place For Habitat Scene.

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