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Keith's Latest Hunt

North American Deer Slam

I went to Arizona in October, 2011 on a quest to complete the North American Deer Grand Slam. After miles of physically demanding conditions, steep and rocky terrain and cactus in my legs, on the third day of the hunt I was able to make a 393 yard shot on a respectable animal for the species.  The Coues deer, or Coues desert whitetail was the last deer I needed for the Grand Slam!

Wilds Taxidermy's Price List

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Deer Shoulder Mount 480.00
Deer Pedestal Mount 500.00
Deer Lifesize 2500.00
Antler Mount 75.00
Pronghorn Shoulder Mount 500.00
Sheep & Goat Shoulder Mount 550.00
Sheep & Goat Lifesize 3500.00
Sheep & Goat Half Lifesize 1250.00
Caribou Shoulder Mount 750.00
Elk Shoulder Mount 800.00
Moose Shoulder Mount 1200.00
Bison Shoulder Mount 1500.00
Bear Shoulder Mount 550.00
Black Bear LIfesize 3750.00
Grizzly Bear Lifesize 4500.00
Brown Bear Lifesize 5000.00
Bearskin Rug 275.00
Per Linear Foot
Boar Hog Shoulder Mount 650.00
Mountain Lion 2500.00
Coyote 800.00
Fox, Bobcat, Raccoon, etc. 600.00
Small Mammal Pedestal Mount 300.00
Squirrel & Rabbit 300.00
Upland Game Birds & Ducks 250.00
Ducks - Puddle & Divers 250.00
Sea Ducks 275.00
Goose 300.00
Crane 350.00
Swan 650.00
Open Mouth Mounts Add 150-225
Special Habitat Scenes Upon Request
Wall Habitat for Shoulder Mounts 200.00
Pedestal Bases Upon Request
Antler Repair per Point 35.00
Exotics/Plains Game Shoulder Mount 600.00 - 1500.00
Exotics/Plains Game Lifesize Upon Request
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