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Keith is proud of every mount before it leaves the shop.

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Keith's Latest Hunt

North American Deer Slam

I went to Arizona in October, 2011 on a quest to complete the North American Deer Grand Slam. After miles of physically demanding conditions, steep and rocky terrain and cactus in my legs, on the third day of the hunt I was able to make a 393 yard shot on a respectable animal for the species.  The Coues deer, or Coues desert whitetail was the last deer I needed for the Grand Slam!

Wilds Taxidermy Studio


King Eider King Eider Pair Sea Ducks Dead Mount
King Eider  King Eider Pair  Sea Ducks 

Teal Trio Cinnamon Teal American Wigeon

Mallard Mallard Mallard and Black Duck

Green-Winged Teal Green-Winged Teal Pair Northern Shoveler Pair

Mottled Duck Gadwall Gadwall Preening

Wood Duck Black-Bellied and
Fulvous Whistling Ducks
Hooded Merganser Pair

Hooded Merganser Swimming Canada Goose Landing Canada Goose

Canada Goose Dead Mount Dead Mount

Dead Mount Dead Mount Pacific Black Brant

Oldsquaw Oldsquaw Lesser Scaup Pair

Atlantic Brant Goose Black Duck Black Duck Pair

Blue Goose Bufflehead Duck Canada Goose

Common Eider Pair Greater Scaup Dead Mount

Green Winged Teal Mallard Mallard Pair

Northern Pintail Oldsquaw Pair Wood Duck

Redhead Flying Redhead Standing Sandhill Crane

Tundra Swan Snow Goose Widgeon

White-fronted Goose Surf Scoter Flying Surf Scoter

Hooded Merganser Ruddy Duck Swimming Ruddy Duck

Barrow's Goldeneye Hooded Merganser Pintail Pair

Bufflehead Duck Gadwall    

Sitting Mallard  Wood Duck  Wood Duck Flushing 
Sitting Mallard     

Canvasback  Snow Goose Northern Shoveler
Canvasback   Northern Shoveler Flushing

Redhead Oldsquaw Pair
Redhead  Oldsqaw Pair 

Snow and Blue Harlequins and Barrow's Goldeneye 

Blue-Winged Teal Flying   Blue-Winged Teal  Bobcat & Teal
 Blue-Winged Teal Flying Blue-Winged Teal

Mallard & Pintail Common Goldeneye  Pintail

Mottled Duck Red-Breasted Merganser White Winged Scoter

Wood Duck Black Scoter & White Winged Scoter Black Duck

Black Duck Mallard Bufflehead Canada Goose

American Wigeon White Fronted Goose

Common Eider Common Eider Close up

Surf Scoters




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